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2 Quick & Easy Halloween Looks Using Paleo Makeup

In a pinch for a last minute halloween look? Whether you’re taking the kids trick or treating or going to a halloween party we wanted to share two super simple Halloween looks that you can create in a pinch! As fun as it may be, conventional, costume make-up is incredibly damaging to your skin. There’s no reason you need to sacrifice your skin’s health for a little fun. We will show you how to create “The Cat” look and the “Glowing Goddess” using our super safe, healthy nourishing Paleo make-up. Enjoy!   The Cat Look What you’ll need 7-1 Coconut Cream Foundation Jojoba infused 100% Natural Mineral Powder Foundation Natural Look Eyeliner Pencil in Black Green Tea Cream Concealer in...

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Powder Foundation Color Guide

We have streamlined our powder foundation colors to 9 perfect shades that blend easy and match a wide range of skin tones. We understand how color matching foundation can be super tricky, especially when shopping online, so we created the guide below to make it as painless as possible. Let's begin finding your perfect powder match. STEP 1: DETERMINE WHAT YOUR SKIN UNDERTONE IS (COOL, NEUTRAL OR WARM)  Cool: You may have pink, bluish-red or ruddy cool undertones. You will tend to burn easily in the sun and tan minimally or not at all. You may tend to get flush cheeks easier. If you look on the underside of your wrist, your veins will appear blue to purple. You may also tend to look better...

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6 Reasons Why You Need our Jojoba Infused 100% Natural Mineral Powder Foundation this SUMMER

  If you are anything like me, during the hot, sweaty summer months, you absolutely loathe wearing heavy makeup. Not quite ready to go bare skin, you want a foundation that offers flawless coverage yet feels like next to nothing, naked, healthy skin. Luckily, we have just remedy for those summertime problems. Meet our Jojoba infused 100% Natural Mineral Powder Foundation. It fits perfectly into your daily summer makeup routine. This powder foundation is lightweight, build-able coverage and most importantly goes on easy in less than 5 seconds. My favorite part is that you won’t even feel like there is anything on your skin. You’ll just get complimented all day for your youthful, clear and glowy looking complexion by complete...

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Raw Beauty Oil is Your Best Anti-Aging Skincare Secret

Putting organic, cold pressed oils on your face is a fantastic way to restore balance to your skin health and even reduce the appearance of aging. This is because applying oil to your skin actually balances out the natural oil production and restores skin to normal levels of functioning. For quite some time, it was taboo to put oil on your face. The fear was that is caused acne, when in fact conventional skincare and beauty products are largely responsible for causing un-wanted skin problems such as breakouts and pre-mature aging (that and internal reasons of course). This is because conventional products disrupt the skins natural lipid barrier. Lipids are natural fats (sebum) that keeps the outer layer of skin...

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5 Reasons Why You Need Our Green Tea Cream Concealer + How to Apply

If you have yet to try our Green Tea Cream Concealer , I encourage you to grab a sample and see what its all about! It's creamy, dreamy consistency allows it to glide onto skin smooth and soft, with no pulling or dry feeling. It blends easy and provides the most phenomenal coverage. Here are 5 more reasons you absolutely must have it:  1. It contains 98% Certified Organic + Non-Gmo Ingredients. There is absolutely nothing artificial and all ingredients are ethically + sustainably sourced. 2. Packed with organic skin superfoods like:   -EYEBRIGHT Extract - eyebright extract does just what the name says. It is packed of antioxidants and tannins, and helps reduce the appearance of inflammation around the eyes....

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