Here's how we are fighting maskne (mask related breakouts)

how we are fighting maskne mask related breakouts with organic paleo makeup and skincare natural healthy clean beauty cruelty free vegan

We have alot of friends that are full time nurses or work in the service industry (from hairstylists to bartenders) that have to wear a mask all day at work! If this is you too, we put together some tips to help you fight the dreaded maskne and keep your skin as clear and healthy as possible:
1. Wash your mask daily or use disposable ones. Masks are breeding pools for bacteria that can wreck your skin plus your health, if dirty.
2. Pick the right mask material that is not irritating to your skin. 100% cotton is a good choice for those prone to breakouts and/or have sensitive skin.
3. Keep our Vitamin Boost Hydrating Face Mist with Lemongrass close by. Spritz throughout the day on the area underneath your mask for a refreshing, soothing way to help fight mask related breakouts and keep bad bacteria at bay. Made with a coconut post-biotic that helps to combat acne causing bacteria and balance your skin's natural microbiome plus it contains a powerful organic bamboo extract that is antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and acts as a natural antibiotic.
4. If you do get a breakout..don't pick it! This will only spread bacteria.
5. If you wear foundation makeup, make sure it's one that is made with clean ingredients that do not clog pores and ideally, promotes more healthy skin. Our all in one coconut cream foundation is a good option because it also contains a coconut post-biotic, acne fighting neem extract and healing, mineral rich organic clay.
6. Wash your face before and after wearing your mask using a gentle cleanser that soothes your skin. Now is not the time for harsh cleansers and heavy exfoliators!

I hope this helps! Have any tips you want to share with the gals? Comment them below! 


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