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What is the Paleo Lifestyle?

Simply put, it’s an action plan that helps you live your best life!  Optimal health comes from much more than just following a Paleo diet. To us, It involves living a Paleo lifestyle. The Paleo lifestyle is a way of living in our modern society that allows you to be your healthiest self and live up to your full potential. The truth is, our lifestyles have now outpaced our evolution making it harder to live a happy, healthy life. The Paleo Lifestyle offers several principles that will help combat this. The best part is, it's pretty basic and easy to follow. Our Paleo Lifestyle Principles include:  Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of clean water Exercise; walk and move daily, lift...

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7 Paleo Winter Skincare Tips

There is no doubt about it! Over here in the Pacific Northwest we are in full on winter mode. Windchill in the single digits and below; with all sorts of hail, snow and everything in between that can be expected on a normal winters day. The first thing I notice when the temperatures start dropping is a huge change in my skin. I feel like I have to work extra hard to keep it soft, moisturized and smooth! I wanted to share 7 of my favorite Winter Skincare tips with you! 1.Makeup is Skin Protection, Especially Ours :) (shameless plug) Conventional makeup is chalked full of harsh chemicals that strip your skin of its natural oils and damage the surface...

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Get the Look - Warm, Festive Glow

The snow is falling here in the Pacific Northwest and the calendar is booked with Holiday Parties and Family & Friend Get Togethers. We thought it would be fun to show you how to re-create this Warm Festive Glow we did on Ali using our Holiday Color Sets.  Products Used: -7-1 Coconut Cream Foundation in Co. 14 applied over entire face with fingertips or you can use our Eco-Friendly Max Coverage Foundation Bamboo. A little goes a long way but its easy to build coverage if desired.  -7-1 Coconut Cream Foundation in Co.17 was used as a dark contour. The goal of contour is to shape, define and sculpt the face using lighter and darker shades. In this instance, a shade several times...

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Get the Look - Natural, Soft & Feminine

This soft, natural look is stunning on Kelly (@thunderandlace) and the best part is, its so easy to re-create!  Products Used: -7-1 Coconut Cream Foundation in Co. 9, applied with fingertips or you can use our Eco-Friendly Max Coverage Foundation Bamboo. A little goes a long way but its easy to build coverage if desired.  -Green Tea Cream Concealer + Highlighter in Golden Light. Apply under eyes for brightening. -Raspberry & Citrus Infused Eye Color in Suede to fill and shape eyebrows -Coconut Lip Gloss in Sweet Pea -Raspberry & Citrus Infused Eye Color in Rose Gold (on the center of the lid and blended upward toward the brow bone), and Chocolate (used on the outer corner, crease and on...

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The Skin Detox- Here’s What Happens When You Switch to Paleo Beauty Products

Have you ever done a cleanse or switched your diet to healthier, less processed foods? If so, you probably understand that your body goes through a bit of an unpleasant detoxing phase. The same can be true when you switch your beauty routine to using only certified organic and clean ingredient based products. When you use conventional toxin filled beauty products your skin learns to adapt and protect itself.  Your skin is not flourishing, it’s surviving. Removing those chemically loaded products allows your skin to heal itself. You may experience a bit of an adjustment phase. This could come in the form of localized breakouts as your skin purges toxins from conventional beauty products, or you may experience your skin...

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