We believe your skin is perfectly designed, it just needs the right support to do its thing. And the right color to take your glow to the next level.We are about healing, healthy beauty. And we make products with healthy fats, organic plant based ingredients and minerals that all work together to feed and nourish your skin. We play with modern, fun color. We don’t play with conventional makeup ingredients. We’re about beauty that supports your overall wellness and inspires a healthy and vibrant life. This is a new era.

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We are Araza

The journey to Araza Beauty started with our own health issues that caused us to re-examine our way of living. It naturally began with looking at the foods we were putting in our bodies, but then we turned to the products we put on our bodies, like makeup. We had been using our go-to products for years, but we’d never looked closely at each of the ingredients to learn what they’re there for, and how they could affect us. Our makeup just made us feel good. Or did it? It was more like a short-term feel good. Followed by long-term effects. Vicious cycles of damaging our skin and covering it back up. And silently contributing to our health issues. We decided that changing our makeup was a big part in changing how we live. We decided it was time to break old habits, say screw convention for convention’s sake, and create a better way.

And Araza was born. Makeup and skincare that heals and performs.


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