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Product Questions

Do you test on animals?

How many applications can I get out of each sample size?

Are you products pregnancy safe?

Are Araza Beauty Products vegan?

Where are Araza products made?

When do your products expire?

Ingredient Questions

What do you use to color your cosmetics?

Do you use coated mica or pure mica? And which products contain mica?

Is your zinc oxide non nano particle?

What is in the essential oil blend that some of your products contain?

I see you use Coconut Oil in your products. I have heard that Coconut Oil is comedogenic, bad for your skin and clogs pores. Is this true?

Are there any preservatives in your products?

What is your vitamin E derived from?

Is the iron oxide you use non-nano?

Shipping & Return Questions

What is your Return Policy?

I received an email saying my shipment has been delivered but I haven't received it. Should I give it a day or two?

Where does Araza currently ship?

Do you offer free shipping?

How soon will I be receive my order once it's placed?

My package is Lost/Stolen/Damaged?