The truth about coconut oil in skincare & makeup and why we choose to formulate with MCT oil

the truth about coconut oil in makeup and skincare paleo organic natural clean beauty

Coconut Oil get’s a bad wrap in skincare and makeup these days. However, not all Coconut Oil is created equal. We get asked a lot if our products clog pores because they contain coconut oil and the short answer is no, but here’s why... 

We use non-gmo, organic fractionated coconut oil in our coconut containing skin products (cream foundation & cream concealer). You might also know it as MCT oil. This amazing oil has similar benefits of virgin coconut oil but without the comedogenic properties. To make fractionated coconut oil, virgin coconut oil undergoes a process that removes the long chain fatty acid; the main pore clogging culprit. The end result is a lightweight, stable, liquid oil that is more easily absorbed into your skin.   

Because of this process, it also makes this oil suitable for all skin types including; acne prone, oily, sensitive and aging skin. It’s why we hear all the time from our customers that suffer from acne, "using your makeup has actually improved my skin" rather than making the problem worse. 

Here are some more skin loving benefits + facts about Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil:  

  • It contains capric acid and caprylic acid which are good antioxidants and disinfectants that help to prevent infections, soften and smooth the skin, retain moisture and alleviate the signs of aging. 
  • It's deeply moisturizing without feeling heavy like virgin coconut oil.
  • To create this oil the process includes cold pressed extraction of the coconut kernel and meat, then refining the oil through a natural process (no chemicals are used).This ensures that the oil still contains plenty of the coconut's nutrients and antioxidants.  
  • MCT oil is useful in the treatment of skin conditions and infections, as well as to heal cuts and wounds. 

It’s also important to note here that many people are able to use raw virgin coconut oil on their skin with no issues. Virgin coconut oil has amazing healing and health properties. 

You can shop our favorite skin-loving, MCT oil containing products here >>> All In One Coconut Cream FoundationCoconut Corrective Cream Concealer and Araza Fruit & Citrus infused Eye Color.

And these products are made with virgin, cold-pressed organic coconut oil....the absolute perfect lip moisturizer >>>Rejuvenating Coconut Lip Color and our Sweet Mint Healthy Lip Balm. 



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