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Step by Step Guide to Getting that Summer Glow

Our Raspberry & Citrus Infused Eye Colors in Sundance, Lace, Toasted Coconut and Abalone double as the perfect all over face highlighters to boost your skin's natural glow. The best part is, they are made with only healthy, organic ingredients and natural earth minerals that nourish and feed your skin. Application is super easy and simple just follow the steps below: 1. Select the color thats right for you! Lace is a true iridescent white, Sundance is a warm wheat hue, Toasted Coconut is a cream color and Abalone offers a subtle pinky pearl. All Shimmer so don't worry!  2. Using a Kabuki Brush or your finger tips apply a soft swipe of the eye color to your cheek bones, bridge of...

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Why We Added This Amazonian Nutraceutical Fruit To Our Products

It's called the Araza Fruit and it grows in the jungles of the amazon. Due to it's nutraceutical like properties it has some pretty impressive skin loving benefits; like reversing the visible signs of aging and boosting collagen production. We are slowly starting to add it to all of our products and wanted to share more about it with you! Our name, Araza, comes from this super rare fruit grown in South America. Highly regarded for it's nutraceutical properties like a high polyphenol, carotenoid and Vitamin C content (double that of an orange) we knew we had to get it in our products. We wild pick it from the jungles of the amazon (sounds so romantic I know) and it...

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Get This Spring Inspired Look

Spring is here and it's the perfect time to play around with brighter cheeks and playful lips! Follow the steps below to achieve this spring inspired look.  What you’ll need 7-1 Coconut Cream Foundation (I am wearing Co 13.5) Jojoba infused 100% Natural Mineral Powder Foundation Green Tea Cream Concealer in a lighter shade than your Cream Foundation (I am wearing Golden Light)  Natural Look Eyeliner pencil in brown Raspberry & Citrus infused Eye Color in Toasted Coconut  Raspberry & Citrus infused Eye Color in Suede (brow filler)  Olive Extract Cheek Color in Blush Natural Sunshine Bronzer in Sunkissed Coconut Lip Gloss in Dahlia Vitamin Boost Hydrating Mist  Flat Top Blending Brush Eco Friendly Eye Shadow/Concealer Brush Kabuki Brush  Angled Eyeliner/Brow Brush  1.Start with fresh, clean skin and lightly spritz Vitamin...

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Why You Need To Detox Your Skin

Detoxing rids your body of toxins that accumulate from processed foods, medication and environmental chemicals. Detoxing can be the absolute best way to boost energy levels, jumpstart weight-loss and get healthy. But don’t forget about detoxing your skin! Air pollution, conventional beauty products, dirt and excess oil can suffocate your skin and clog pores; creating a dull and lifeless complexion. Our Activated Coconut Charcoal + Sea Greens Treatment Mask is the best way to remedy that!  This mask helps to draw out impurities while, exfoliating, healing and renewing oily, tired or congested skin. Here are more reasons why we love it! 1. Made with only certified organic super food ingredients and natural earth minerals like: -Coconut Activated Charcoal which has...

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