Our Best Tips for Applying All In One Coconut Cream Foundation (Troubleshooting Skin Types + Environmental Factors)

Our Best Tips for Applying All In One Coconut Cream Foundation (troubleshooting skin types + environmental factors)  paleo makeup foundation health non-toxic clean safer beauty gluten free cruelty acne prone aging organic natural

Our All In One Coconut Cream Foundation (we will refer to it as CCF for short) is by far our most popular product. A favorite among our Araza family for it’s glow inducing finish, amazing skincare properties and powerful protective abilities (hello SPF 25 and blue light blocking capabilities). It’s the last step in your morning skincare routine to even skin tone and take on the day. While we pride ourselves on makeup that’s quick and easy to apply, while enhancing what you are already working with, there are some tips and tricks we want to share with you that we have found creates the perfect application based on your skin type, the environment and the ‘look’ you want to achieve.  

Our CCF is one of the cleanest foundations on the market. We use absolutely no synthetics or fillers. Every single ingredient is hand selected to fit a skin need or function. We formulated this gem with ingredients like Organic MCT oil, a powerful coconut post-biotic and vitamin C rich araza fruit. With that being said if you are new to such clean formulas that rely on nature, rather than the lab, you can expect a little adjustment phase when getting to know this new product and how to work with it based on your skin type and environment. Our tips below will help you maximize your love for CCF.  

But First...What CCF is: 

For those new to CCF here’s exactly what you can expect when you start using it. CCF is a light to medium coverage, natural looking foundation that is healthy for your skin and provides a light, dewy glow and coverage. The goal with this is foundation was to create a look that is your skin but a little better and a more polished overall appearance. I would compare it to a step up from a tinted moisturizer.  

What CCF is not:

CCF is not a max coverage, hide every single evidence of your real skin type of foundation. It’s not that cake face makeup you wore in college...or maybe that was just me? Essentially...Don’t expect it to behave like conventional foundation. 


Tips for Applying CCF Based on Skin Type- It's All About That Base

In general, you can apply CCF with your fingertips for a quick application or for a more thorough one, use our Round Top Blending Brush.

Applying CCF on Dry Skin:

If your skin is on the dryer side, use a lightweight oil such as our Citrus Illuminating Raw Beauty Oil as a base before applying CCF. This will help the foundation to effortlessly glide on your skin and create that more glowy appearance.  

Applying CCF on Oily Skin:
One word.. Primer! Apply our Primer + Finishing Translucent Clay Powder to your face after your morning skincare routine and before applying CCF. This powder will act as your foundation primer. The natural clays will absorb excess oil, while arrowroot and silica create a super soft canvas.
Applying CCF on Normal skin:
You can control the look of this foundation by what you put underneath it. The world is your playground, experiment with different bases for the look you want.  
No matter your skin type, don’t forget to exfoliate your skin weekly to remove dead skin, clogged pores ect. Not only is this a must to keep your skin glowing but your makeup will go on much smoother.  
How to Wear Based on Environment
Wearing in Humid Climates:

Skip out on the heavy moisturizers or facial oils before applying CCF. Make sure your skin is good and dry before applying makeup. Be sure to first PRIME your face using a quick application of Primer + Finishing Translucent Clay Powder, then apply CCF and finally SET with another light dusting of Primer + Finishing Translucent Clay Powder to keep your makeup from slipping during the day. 

Wearing in Direct Sunlight for Several Hours:
If you are going to be out in the sun all day double up on sun protection.. Wear a layer of safe sunscreen underneath your CCF and then apply CCF for double sun coverage. On average our CCF provides 25 SPF natural sun protection from non-nano zinc oxide. We recommend reapplying throughout the day.  

Playing Around with Different Application Techniques For The Look You Want  

If You Want More Coverage:

Prime with a light dusting of Primer + Finishing Translucent Clay Powder. Apply CCF. Set with Jojoba infused Mineral Powder Foundation for a more max coverage, diffused look.  

For the DEWY Look:

Use Citrus Illuminating Raw Beauty Oil to prep skin, let sit, then apply CCF. Spritz with Vitamin Boost Hydrating Face Mist after applying CCF. 

For a Natural and Soft Diffused Finish:
Apply CCF, set with Primer + Finishing Translucent Clay Powder. It will give you a more soft, airbrushed finish rather than a glowy one.

Also worth mentioning...if you are switching over from conventional makeup filled with, not so good for you ingredients, your skin may go through an adjustment period.  Read more on what to expect from that here  

I hope all these application tips make you fall in love with our All In One Coconut Cream Foundation even more! If you have any more application or general product questions, please leave a comment below or email us at serivce@arazabeauty.com. 
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I’m a new user of cc foundation and love it. My complaint is I have been using #200 and would like to try #260. When I try to order it always says “unavailable “ sign up to be notified when available but the website won’t allow me to do this for some reason. I’ve tried several times and now both shades are unavailable and I’m almost out of make up 😕

Kathy Batjes February 06, 2021

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