The Skin Detox- Here’s What Happens When You Switch to Paleo Beauty Products

Have you ever done a cleanse or switched your diet to healthier, less processed foods? If so, you probably understand that your body goes through a bit of an unpleasant detoxing phase. The same can be true when you switch your beauty routine to using only certified organic and clean ingredient based products.

When you use conventional toxin filled beauty products your skin learns to adapt and protect itself.  Your skin is not flourishing, it’s surviving. Removing those chemically loaded products allows your skin to heal itself. You may experience a bit of an adjustment phase. This could come in the form of localized breakouts as your skin purges toxins from conventional beauty products, or you may experience your skin getting really dry or a bit oily.*  However, give it a solid month and your skin will balance out.  It will heal itself and become happy, healthy and glowing.

If youre ready to make the healthy switch to paleo beauty products start here

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* This is not to be confused with inflammation, rashes or redness. That is evidence of an allergic reaction and you should immediately discontinue product use.

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