The Makeup Brush Guide

The Makeup Brush Guide paleo makeup clean beauty organic natural

Using the right tools to apply your makeup can make your life 10x easier! If you are curious what the best brushes are to apply your Araza products, look no further!  We put together a simple guide of all our brushes, what products to use them with and application best practices. 


concealer brush paleo makeup skincare organic clean beauty

Concealer Brush

This tighter bristled, tapered concealer brush is perfect for applying product in a precise manner.  

Best uses: Great for applying Coconut Corrective Cream Concealer under your eyes to brighten and applying concealer to blemishes. Also the brush for applying Araza Fruit & Citrus infused Eye Color. It helps create that soft cut crease and lines your lower eyelids.  


Dual Ended Brow Brush

This convenient dual ended brow brush has an angled nylon brow brush on one end and a spoolie on the other.  

Best Uses: The angled brow brush is the perfect tool for helping you create natural, more full looking eye brows. After using Avocado Eye + Brow Pencil to fill in your brows, use the spoolie side to gently comb through for a natural fluffy brow look. You can also use the angled nylon end and dip into Araza Fruit & Citrus Infused Eye Color (in your closest brow match color) and fill in your brows. 


flat top kabuki brush paleo makeup clean beauty


Flat Top Kabuki Brush 

This ultra-soft, smaller flat top Kabuki Brush is perfect for travel and on the go touch ups. 

Best Uses: Great for applying a light application of our All In One Coconut Cream Foundation or a light dusting of Jojoba infused Mineral Powder Foundation and Primer + Finishing Translucent Clay Powder. Can also be used to apply Fresh Mineral Sunshine Bronzer and Fresh Mineral Cheek Color.  

kabuki brush paleo makeup clean beauty

Kabuki Brush

The super soft and luxurious Kabuki Brush is perfect for all your powder needs! It is made with Eco-Friendly Bamboo and ultra soft, non-animal hair bristles + it’s vegan friendly. 

Best Uses: The best applicator for our Jojoba infused Mineral Powder Foundation and Primer + Finishing Translucent Clay Powder. Gently press the bristles into the mesh screen of the product jar and gently tap off any excess product. Buff the product into your skin. Can also be used for powder cheeks + bronzers.  

paleo makeup skincare clean beauty


Round Top Blending Brush  

It's round, vegan top helps to apply product precisely and allows you to buff and blend for an airbrushed, even glow. Allows for build-able coverage.   

Best Uses: Applying our All In One Coconut Cream Foundation. Simply dip the brush softly into the glass jar, then dab all over face and buff until seamless and smooth. Also works great for applying Jojoba infused Mineral Powder Foundation. 



flat top brush paleo makeup clean beauty

Small Flat Multi-Purpose Brush  

This flat multi-purpose brush is perfect for applying face or body masks.  

Best Uses: The best brush for applying our Coconut Charcoal + Sea Greens Treatment Mask. Use the flat side of the brush for all over application and the tip for more precise application.  


Tapered Eye Shadow Crease Brush  

Soft, feathery eyeshadow blush that makes blending a breeze 

Best Uses: Use to apply and blend our Araza Fruit + Citrus infused Eye Colors. Also works great to apply precision highlighter (Araza Fruit + Citrus infused Eye Color in Lace, Sundance, and Abalone) to cheek bones, nose and cupids bow.

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