60 second at home facial massage that will transform your face + skin

For years we have been told.....don’t touch your face. It’s bad for your skin and will cause acne or wrinkles. But what if I told you touching your face (with clean hands ofcourse) would actually help your skin glow, stimulate more collagen production and help to ease into aging. Yup! We are all about facial massages around here using nothing more than your bare hands and a nutrient rich oil like our Citrus Illuminating Raw Beauty Oil.  

Facial massage provides some amazing natural benefits to your skin and the best part is, it’s free. Here are just a few of the perks:  

  • Increase Lymphatic Drainage- puffy much? Massage!  
  • Increase blood and oxygen flow- allowing skin to heal and repair itself, plus the increase of blood flow to the surface of the skin creates that refreshed, glowy appearance.  
  • Lift and Sculpt Facial Muscles. 
  • Stimulate collagen production which prevents the formation of wrinkles making it a ‘natural’ facelift.
  • De-stress....I know that we could all benefit from some major de-stressing these days.  

Above is our easy, 60 second facial massage. Perform this sequence 2x daily for 2 weeks and notice how your skin transforms. You can even repeat the routine a few times in a row if you want to extend the massage and maximize the benefits. Comment below with any questions you might have!

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