The Story Behind Our Handmade Clay Mask Treatment Bowls

A bowl with a beautiful message, our Clay Mask Treatment Bowls are handmade by two best friends Rasa and Indre, from Lithuania whose mission is to inspire people to slow down and live a life of presence and purpose.

Several years ago Rasa and Indre were so busy, that they only saw each other a few times a year. They said they were like fast consumers of their own lives. And every time they met, they dreamed of changing the way they lived. Consume less and live more was what they strived for. So they started a ceramics business to help them make this change. “We stopped running and trying to catch our lives, we slowed down, took a piece of clay, soaked our hands in it.. and now you can see where it brought us :) “ Their hope is to inspire others to do the same.

Made from the most pure and precious high quality white clays and food grade safe glazes they are completely non toxic and safe. Each handmade dish has its own unique-ness and can vary in size and texture. Hand-wash Only! This bowl is perfect for mixing up our Coconut Charcoal + Sea Greens Clay Treatment Mask. 

       treatment bowls handmade mud mask clay facial

Freshly made. 


wondering about the dimensions of the bowl. it’s beautiful

holly August 06, 2018

I just bought the mask but did not know about a this bowl. Is it available separately? If so how much does it sell for?

Grace Allen December 01, 2017

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