5 Reasons Why You Must Start Using This Hydrating Mist

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Our brand new Vitamin Boost Hydrating Mist is a must have in your makeup bag, gym bag, purse and everything else in between. Think of it as a chapstick for your face, but in liquid form. It’s easy to carry and provides the perfect amount of moisture your skin needs in a pinch. It also takes all of 2 seconds to apply. Check out a few more reasons we are obsessed with our hydrating mist:

1. Made with only four super skin-food ingredients that provide maximum skin-boosting impact.

-Certified Organic Aloe Juice: Perfect choice for all skin types because it moisturizes without being greasy. It's able to penetrate the thick levels of skin tissues and moisturize, not just sit on the surface. It contains multiple healing properties and is extra soothing for inflamed skin or irritated winter skin.

-Wild Picked Araza Fruit Extract: What we named the company after, this super rare Brazilian fruit contains 2x the amount of Vitamin C as an orange, is high in polyphenols and contains skin protecting carotenoids.Its high antioxidant content is both anti-aging and protective. We source it directly from Brazil where it is Wild-picked and immediately turned into an extract, so it retains it's skin healing benefits.

-Coconut Ferment Probiotic: Environmental toxins and conventional beauty products can damage the top layer of your skin and disrupt your natural bacteria and pH levels which in turn harms your skin's natural oil production. It can cause irritation, acne, inflammation, etc. Probiotics applied topically help to visibly rebalance your skin, protect against harmful bacteria, and ward off inflammation. It serves as an Antibacterial, antifungal, and skin conditioning agent.

-Bamboo: High in silica that stimulates rapid regrowth of damaged skin cells. Contains healing and astringent properties.

2. Contains no water and no alcohol which can further dry your skin and promote aging.

3. Each ingredient was chosen for its individual properties, and when all combined, they work synergistically to restore balance, soothe, moisturize and give your skin a healthy dose of antioxidants

4. Paleo Friendly ingredients means that there is nothing chemical, artificial, or toxic. And of course, no soy/legumes, dairy or grain ingredients and everything is 100% gluten-free, fragrance-free and cruelty-free.

5. Can be used many different ways such:

-After cleansing your face: Mist your face after washing to hold in moisture and keep skin dewy all day.

-After yoga or the gym: No shower, no problem; Mist a light spritz all over to feel refreshed and clean. Also, the probiotic will work to ward off lousy sweat bacteria.

-On the go: Apply whenever your skin feels dry and dull and needs a quick Vitamin C boost. It’s better than a cup of coffee. Well, darn close.

-Makeup setting spray: Apply a fine mist after you apply your powder foundation to set    and hold.

-Irritated skin from winter weather: the best mist for post outdoor winter activities where your skin can feel chapped, red and irritated. Aloe juice's properties calm and soothe.

Happy Misting!


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