What is Paleo Beauty?

Paleo Beauty is Araza's Beauty Philosophy. It is our belief that simplicity and health should be a top priority when formulating and choosing beauty productsWe use whole foods, like healthy fats and organic plants, to feed and heal our bodies and believe the products you put on your skin should do the same. 

What is Paleo Makeup?

Paleo makeup and beauty products follow similar guidelines as the paleo diet. It involves formulating beauty products with healthy fats, organic plant based ingredients and natural earth minerals that all work together to feed and nourish your skin. It’s about clean and simple ingredients. Paleo Makeup is also free from gluten, soy, dairy and artificial ingredients. Conventional beauty products are filled with horrible chemicals and toxins, which rob your skin of its precious health and are absorbed into your body wreaking havoc on your internal health. We believe everything you put on your body should FEED and nourish your skin the same way healthy food nourishes the inside of your body.


The Paleo Certification 

We are proud to be the first makeup company to have several of our products Paleo Certified. This means these products comply with the standards of the Paleo Foundation and meet all of the requirements to be Paleo Certified. In order to become Paleo Certified each product undergoes a strict auditing process and  each ingredient is throughly checked to make sure it is free from wheat/gluten, dairy, legumes and artificial colorings and flavors.

Ingredient Sourcing

Our ingredients are 100% natural and most are Certified Organic by the Oregon Tilth Association or the USDA. We strive to use non-GMO ingredients in everything.