2 Quick & Easy Halloween Looks Using Clean, Paleo Makeup

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In a pinch for a last minute halloween look?

Whether you’re taking the kids trick or treating or going to a halloween party we wanted to share two super simple Halloween looks that you can create in a pinch!

As fun as it may be, conventional, costume make-up is incredibly damaging to your skin. There’s no reason you need to sacrifice your skin’s health for a little fun. We will show you how to create “The Cat” look and the “Glowing Goddess” using our super safe, healthy nourishing Paleo make-up. Enjoy!


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The Cat Look

What you’ll need

  1.  Apply All In One Coconut Cream Foundation to your entire face like normal.
  2.  Coconut Corrective Cream Concealer, in a lighter shade than your foundation, below your eyes and on your upper eyelids and the inner corners of your eyes for a brightening effect.
  3. Then set your foundation with our Jojoba infused Mineral Powder Foundation. Especially around the entire eye area. This creates a drier surface which makes applying the cat eye much easier.
  4. Using a Large Blush Brush, apply Fresh Mineral Sunshine Bronzer in Sunkissed to your temples, cheeks and hairline. Use the bronzer as eye shadow for the entire upper lid and below your lower lash line.  
  5. Next we will create the cat eye look. Grab your Avocado Eyeliner in Black and start by lining your upper lid with our black eyeliner. Once you get to the far corner of your eye you will want to create the winged flick. To determine the perfect angle of the flick, imagine that your lower lash line extends outward. This is the exact angle that you want to draw the winged flick. Then start lightly drawing your flick, once the correct shape and angle is determined you can start to fill it in. Don’t be afraid to play around with length and thickness. Come back to the inner upper corner of your lash line, right by your nose and draw a small line following the angle of your upper lash line down past your entire eye. Next, line your bottom lash line, starting at the outer corner where your flick was drawn and trace your bottom lash line about ¾ of the way toward your nose. When you reach the inner ¼ portion of your bottom lash line begin sloping the line down to create a pie like shape with the other line you drew on the upper inner lash line. Bam! Your cat eye is complete
  6. Fill in the tip of your nose and nostril area with your Avocado Butter Look Eyeliner Pencil in black. It’s easiest to draw the outline first then fill in with black pencil. Draw one line from your nose to your upper lip.
  7. Outline and then fill in your upper lip with your Avocado Butter Eyeliner Pencil in black
  8. Below each nostril, draw 4 small dots. On each side of your face, draw 3 whiskers starting from your inner cheek  crease and extending onto your cheeks
  9. Most IMPORTANT- There are no real rules to make up, just get creative, have fun with it and feel good about what you’re putting on your skin!

greek goddess glow healthy skin paleo makeup organic dewy

The Glowing Goddess

What you’ll need

  1. Start with fresh, clean skin. Apply All in One Coconut Cream Coconut Cream Foundation over your entire face and eyelids. Use your fingertips or our Foundation Brush
  2. For max coverage and a more set look, Use our Blush Brush or Kabuki Brush to apply our mineral foundation over your entire face and eyelids.
  3. Next your going to take your Coconut Corrective Cream Concealer in a much lighter shade than the foundation you used. This will act as a highlighter/brightener. Using our concealer brush, apply under your eyes, on your forehead and between eye brows, to the outside corner of your eyes right below the brow, on the bridge of your nose, upper lip and chin. The picture below shows every area that gets highlighter (it is the lightest regions on her face).
  4. Next, take our Avocado Butter Eye + Brow Pencil in brown and softly apply on your lower lash line and lower water line. Softly apply on your upper lid above your lash line.
  5. Next take our Rose Gold shadow and apply to the entire upper lid and extend just above your crease. Using the tips of our concealer brush, apply to the entire lower lash line.
  6. Next, using the tip of the Eye Shadow Brush  apply Sundance to the middle upper eyelid just above the lash line. Using the angled brow brush apply a super thin and soft line over the rose gold and brown eyeliner on the lower lash line as well. Finish with your favorite mascara (yes we are working on one ;) )
  7. Next, take our Fresh Mineral Sunshine Bronzer in Sunkissed and apply in all the areas the diagram shows (the darkest areas). This includes temples, high cheeks, hairline, side of the nose (you can use a skinny concealer brush for this)
  8. Strobing- the final step is to create that goddess like glow with a technique called strobing. Our Sundance eye color has the most perfect color and shimmer to create this effect. The goal of strobing is to further highlight areas of your face that create a lit from within sort of look. Using our kabuki brush apply Sundance to all the areas you applied the highlighter in a light sweepy motion (where the lighter areas are on the diagram below). It should not look caked on at all. Just use enough to create a soft, dewy shimmer.
  9. Finish with Rejuvenating Coconut Lip Color in Italian Ice or Bare

healthy skin paleo makeup gluten free contour highlight bronze

*diagram shows all area that get highlighter as white and all areas that get bronzer as dark

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You are all amazing! Not only do we love your products (and now anxiously await your mascara) but you offer application tutorials so we can learn how to have fun with your products! I was never taught how to apply makeup so now my daughter and I can learn together. Please post more! <3

Richelle October 15, 2017

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