Raw Beauty Oil is Your Best Anti-Aging Skincare Secret

Putting organic, cold pressed oils on your face is a fantastic way to restore balance to your skin health and even reduce the appearance of aging. This is because applying oil to your skin actually balances out the natural oil production and restores skin to normal levels of functioning.

For quite some time, it was taboo to put oil on your face. The fear was that is caused acne, when in fact conventional skincare and beauty products are largely responsible for causing un-wanted skin problems such as breakouts and pre-mature aging (that and internal reasons of course). This is because conventional products disrupt the skins natural lipid barrier. Lipids are natural fats (sebum) that keeps the outer layer of skin healthy and moisturized. Ingredients like alcohols and detergents found in conventional topical skincare and beauty products break down this lipid barrier making skin weaker and imbalanced. If our lipid barrier is not functioning properly (due to topical product damage), our skin will become dryer and more wrinkles will appear, causing premature aging.

A great remedy for restoring balance to our skin's natural state is to use organic facial oils like Araza’s ‘Light’-Illuminating Raw Beauty Oil.

1. Made with a blend of all raw, cold pressed oils. This means it has a higher level of  antioxidants and minerals because the oil has not been broken down by heat processing.

2. Contains organic, sustainability sourced, non-GMO Ingredients, some of which include:

-Certified Organic Jojoba Oil is quite the superfood for your skin. It improves elasticity, suppleness and protective abilities. Jojoba oil also mimics the existence of sebum (natural skin oil) and assists with the breakdown of sebum that has clogged up pores, making it great for acne prone skin. Anti-oxidant rich and moisturizing it makes the perfect anti-aging elixir.

-Certified Organic Green Tea and other Polyphenols:  Loaded with anti-oxidants that help to ward off free radicals.  Green Tea Polyphenols have been shown to decrease inflammation and protect against UV light exposure. One study showed that using EGCG reactivated dying skin cells.[1]

-Certified Organic Borage Seed Oil is rich in Omega 6 fatty acids. Borage oil also increases the cells ability to absorb oxygen and helps to repair scaring caused by acne.

-Certified Organic Sea Buckthorn helps to regenerate skin cells, hydrate and smooth.

-Certified Organic Sweet Orange is rich in Vitamin C which helps to boost collagen production and ward off free radicals.

3. The scent is refreshing; think sweet orange and sunshine.

4. Oils don’t require a preservative, which literally means you are putting 100% organic skin nourishing ingredients that FEED and balance your skin.

5. Use less; with oil a little goes a long way

6. It is Paleo Certified which means it contains no gluten, dairy, soy or artificial ingredients.

Citations: 1.Sinija V, Mishra H. Green tea: Health benefits. Journal Of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine [serial online]. December 2008;17(4):232-242. Available from: Alt HealthWatch, Ipswich, MA. Accessed March 2, 2016. 

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