6 Reasons Why You Need our Jojoba Infused 100% Natural Mineral Powder Foundation this SUMMER


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If you are anything like me, during the hot, sweaty summer months, you absolutely loathe wearing heavy makeup. Not quite ready to go bare skin, you want a foundation that offers flawless coverage yet feels like next to nothing, naked, healthy skin. Luckily, we have just remedy for those summertime problems. Meet our Jojoba infused 100% Natural Mineral Powder Foundation. It fits perfectly into your daily summer makeup routine. This powder foundation is lightweight, build-able coverage and most importantly goes on easy in less than 5 seconds. My favorite part is that you won’t even feel like there is anything on your skin. You’ll just get complimented all day for your youthful, clear and glowy looking complexion by complete strangers which is always nice :)

Here are 6 more reasons you must try our Jojoba Infused 100% Natural Mineral Powder Foundation:

1. Works perfectly for any skin type because of its clean, ultra-nourishing and gentle ingredients. It has proven itself especially great for sensitive skin, acne prone skin, and people with rosacea.

2. Offers Natural Sun Protection from Non- Nano Zinc Oxide. Zinc Oxide also helps to calm skin inflammation. Say goodbye to that pasty white face sunscreen!

3. Packed with organic skin superfoods and natural earth minerals like:

-Certified Organic Olive Extract: anti-oxidant rich, slows aging process, enhances natural glow of skin

-Certified Organic Jojoba Oil: The silky smooth powder stars Jojoba oil known for its incredible moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties.

-Certified Organic Raspberry Extracts: Fights free radicals, tones skin, soothes irritation

-Pure Silk Powder: Provides a luxurious feel to skin, chalked full of skin repairing amino acids

4. Quick, Easy and Flawless Application- It literally takes 5 seconds to apply. Simply pour a little foundation onto the lid of the makeup jar, swirl a kabuki brush, tap off any excess and buff evenly onto face. Instant, easy coverage that not only is a nourishing and healthy product, but this perfect powder diminishes the look of skin discoloration and age-spots leaving you with the most divine complexion.

5. Won’t cake or settle in fine lines and lasts in humid, hot weather. Because it is in powder form and dry, it is also great for absorbing excess oil and summertime sweat.

6. Paleo Certified- this means it contains no soy, dairy, gluten or artificial ingredients so you can feel good about what’s going On your skin! (it is just as important as what you put In your body)

Enjoy the sunshine!



Can this be applied as a setting powder over your coconut cream foundation (which I love)?

Ruth May 23, 2019

I LOVE this foundation! I was never a foundation wearer, because it was always so thick and eww. I like a more natural look, and all the foundations seemed to either be too thick or too light of a color and didn’t cover anything. Araza’s foundation is none of that! Covers and beautifies. Don’t even know I’m wearing it (even when I’m sweating), except when I look at myself in the mirror and see my much fresher and younger self
looking back at me. Highly recommended this foundation.

Linda Faircloth August 12, 2017

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