How To Apply Concealer So That You Look Naturally Refreshed And Awake

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Sometimes you need a little help to look more refreshed, awake and ready for the day! Especially when you are lacking in the sleep department! Below are our tried and true application tips for using our Coconut Corrective Cream Concealer to give you that instant bright eyed lift. 


gluten free makeup concealer tutorial applying under eyes organic clean safe beauty non toxic

 Step 1- First apply Coconut Cream Foundation to your entire face using our Round Top Blending Brush.


gluten free natural beauty organic paleo makeup concealer tutorial application tips under eye dark circles

Step 2- Set Foundation with using our Kabuki Brush and Organic Arrowroot & Natural Clay Finishing Powder. Gently blot… do not buff for best results.


gluten free paleo makeup organic safer beauty concealer tutorial application tips dark circles

 Step 3- Now for the bright eyed look. Using a brush or fingertips gently place dots of concealer in a shade lighter than your foundation in the shape of a triangle under your eye. Start with the inner corner of your eye (close to your nose) and work your way to the outer eye area and even more towards your temple and cheek bone if you want more lift.


concealer paleo makeup gluten free natural organic tutorial safer beauty healthy non toxic

Step 4- Go back and lightly blot the concealer starting toward the inner corner of your eye and working outward. Also, use the concealer on the skin right between your inner eye and bridge of your nose, and your eyelids for a more bright-eyed look.


Step 5- Make sure you set your concealer with Finishing Powder. Using our Kabuki Brush gently blot (don’t blend) the powder on top of the concealer to set it and prevent creasing.

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