Introducing Araza's Fresh New Look + What Has Changed And What Has Stayed The Same

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Hey Araza Beauty Family! 

Jen and I are so excited to announce the launch of our new look, website and packaging! Over the past year and a half we have been working diligently to give Araza a big ole face lift. We felt this rebrand was crucial to better serve you and to create the brand we have always envisioned for Araza. We feel the new brand embodies a more fun, clean vibe focused on showcasing the healing ingredients we use to make our products. So let's take a deep dive into what has changed: 

-Logo & Slogan: We LOVE our new logo and we feel that it embodies us more. We wanted something with a clean, fun vibe and this one does just that. Our new slogan is "If looks could heal™"  An ode to creating healing, healthy skincare and makeup products but more than that, we will donate a portion of the profits from each product sold to organizations that help victims of sex trafficking and domestic violence recover and heal. Araza will heal more than just skin, but hearts too.  

-Product Names: ALL of our formulas have stayed the exact same, however most have received a name change to better highlight the benefits and star ingredients of each product. See the name change translation below: 

Old Name 

New Name 

7-1 Coconut Cream Foundation 

All in One Coconut Cream Foundation 

Green Tea Cream Concealer 

Coconut Corrective Cream Concealer 

Natural Sunshine Bronzer 

Fresh Mineral Sunshine Bronzer 

Olive Extract Cheeky Cheek Color 

Fresh Mineral Cheek Color 

Light Illuminating Raw Beauty Oil 

Citrus Illuminating Raw Beauty Oil 

Raspberry & Citrus infused Eyecolor 

Araza Fruit + Citrus Infused Eyecolor 

Natural Look Eye Liner 

Avocado Butter Eye + Brow Pencil 

Coconut Lip Gloss 

Rejuvenating Coconut Lip Color 

Coconut Charcoal + Sea Greens Treatment Mask 

Coconut Charcoal + Sea Greens Treatment Mask 

Vitamin Boost Hydrating Face Mist 

Vitamin Boost Hydrating Face Mist 

Organic Luxe Peppermint Lip Balm 

Sweet Mint Healthy Lip Balm 

Organic Arrowroot & Natural Clay Finishing Powder 

Primer + Finishing Translucent Clay Powder 

Jojoba infused Mineral Powder Foundation 

Jojoba infused Mineral Powder Foundation 


-Foundation Color Name Changes: We decided to re-organize our foundations from lightest to darkest shades and rename them all. We felt this system left more room for us to expand our shade colors as we grow 😊 DO NOT WORRY!! THE COLORS THEMSELVES STAYED THE EXACT SAME, JUST A NEW COLOR NAME.  


Old Araza Color 


Co. 7 


Co. 13 


Co. 1 


Co. 8 


Co. 2 


Co. 9 


Co. 13.5 


Co. 3 


Co. 10 


Co. 14 


Co. 4 


Co. 11 






Co. 16 




Co. 17 


Co. 6 


Co. 18 




Co. 6.5 


Co. 19 


Co. 6.75 


Co. 12.75 



-Pricing and Product Amounts: For some of our products we have also increased or decreased the amount in the container and the pricing reflects that accordingly. We also had to adjust our pricing due to the increase in raw organic material costs.  

-Packaging: You will notice most every product is in brand new packaging. We picked the packaging based on what would allow for the most functionality per each product while still trying to choose recyclable and sustainable packaging options. Our cream foundation and concealer now come in glass jars, our serums come in darker glass bottles to keep the UV rays from breaking down the oils and our mist is now in recyclable aluminum bottles. 

-Recycling Program: For some of our products glass is not available and the other sustainable options don’t allow for the function and quality we demand. For those items below we have started the Araza Recycling Program. Recycling certain plastics costs more than the value of the plastic which is why most recycling centers do not recycle plastic cosmetic packaging. So we have come up with a solution. To more about how our recycling program works go HERE.

    -Heal more than just skin: As mentioned above, we will donate a portion of the profits from each product sold to organizations that help victims of sex trafficking and domestic violence recover and heal.  

    -New Lip Colors: We have added 6 new colors to our Rejuvenating Coconut Lip Color Line (previously Coconut Lip Gloss) that we know you are going to love! 

    We hope you are just as excited as us for this fresh look for Araza! You are all near and dear to our hearts and we want to make this transition as easy and fun as possible! If you have any questions at all please email us at  

    Thank you so much for being apart of our araza family!  

    Much love, Lindsey and Jen  


    LOVE the new improvements! I especially love the fact that y’all are donating to sex trafficking and domestic violence victims. That makes me so proud to be supporting a company that helps others. Keep up the great work!

    Lauren Bouquet July 15, 2019

    Fantastic! Looks great. Any chance for a tinted moisturizer? 😊 love your products!

    Linda July 15, 2019

    I love that a portion of the profits now go directly towards such meaningful cause. I also appreciate your dedication to the environment with sustainable and recyclable packaging. What an incredibly inspiring company!

    Krista July 15, 2019

    Looks great, but I was hoping for mascara!!!!

    Bonnie Smith July 02, 2019

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