Step By Step Guide For Fuller, Healthy Brows

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Is this you?? ➡️”I am a recovering chronic eye brow over plucker and now they won't grow back. I also get severe brow envy. My mom also warned me not to do that when I was younger but I didn't listen. Moms are always right. "

We hear you loud and clear and we can totally relate!! Here is our Step by Step Brow Guide to help you shape and fill your brows naturally with Araza's Avocado Butter Eye + Brow Pencil. The best part is our pencils are made with Organic Castor Oil that actually helps to promote hair. Bye bye over-plucked brows.

Here is what you'll need: 

1. Avocado Butter Eye + Brow Pencil in a shade that matches your hair color (seen below is Platinum Blonde)

2. Dual Ended Brow Brush

3. Coconut Corrective Cream Concealer

4. Concealer + Eye shadow Brush

5. Araza Fruit & Citrus infused Eye Color in Mirage

eyebrow tutorial castor oil natural brow growth paleo organic natural makeup eye brow tutorial natural

Step 1: Start visually mapping out how you want your brows to look.  For the start of your brows, a good tip is to hold the handle of your brow brush against the side of your nose noting where it meets the brow. To find your perfect arch, hold the brush handle against your nose and move it diagonally across the outer part of your iris and note where the handle meets the highest part of your arch. This will be the best place to emphasize the "peak" of your arch. The outer portion of your brow should be a gradual taper to an end point that is in line with the angle of your nose to the outer corner of your eye. 

paleo makeup brow pencil eyebrow growth natural organic pomade pencil

Step 2: Using our Avocado Butter Eye + Brow Pencil, make short, feathery lines that mimic hair strokes above the brow and below the brow to outline the general shape you are going for. 

eyebrow pencil gluten free paleo makeup brow tutorial guide bridal makeup

Step 3: Softly fill in using our Avocado Butter Eye + Brow Pencil with the same short, hair-like strokes. We want this looking natural ;) 

brow tutorial eyebrow pencil gluten free paleo makeup organic safe natural

Step 4: Using Araza's Dual Ended Brow Brush go over the pencil strokes using the same short, feathery strokes to blend and further fill in the brow. 

concealer highlight eyebrow tutorial brow pencil

Step 5: Now using our Concealer brush to apply a small amount of Coconut Corrective Cream Concealer around your entire brow to clean up any mistakes and make the eyes really pop. 

eyebrow tutorial brows pencil

Step 6: You are Done! Add Araza Fruit & Citrus Infused Eyecolor in Mirage on your upper lid and lower lash line to seal the deal 

*Note you will want to make sure your Avocado Butter Eye + Brow Pencil is freshly sharpened each time you go to fill in your brows. The sharper the point, the better the application. Because we use absolutely no synthetic preservatives make sure to store this product in a cool, dry place. We might even suggest the refrigerator! 

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