Step by Step Guide to Getting that Summer Glow

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Our Raspberry & Citrus Infused Eye Colors in Sundance, Lace, Toasted Coconut and Abalone double as the perfect all over face highlighters to boost your skin's natural glow. The best part is, they are made with only healthy, organic ingredients and natural earth minerals that nourish and feed your skin. Application is super easy and simple just follow the steps below:
1. Select the color thats right for you! Lace is a true iridescent white, Sundance is a warm wheat hue, Toasted Coconut is a cream color and Abalone offers a subtle pinky pearl. All Shimmer so don't worry! 
2. Using a Kabuki Brush or your finger tips apply a soft swipe of the eye color to your cheek bones, bridge of your nose, underneath your eyebrow on the outer 1/3, cupids bow (upper portion of your lip), chin, and temples. All the areas where light would normally hit and reflect.
3. You are in charge of your glow, so feel free play around with the look as much as you want! 
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