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Long-Wear Raspberry and Citrus Infused Eye Color -  15 shades
Long-Wear Raspberry and Citrus Infused Eye Color -  15 shades

Long-Wear Raspberry and Citrus Infused Eye Color - 15 shades

$ 2.50

100% Natural Raspberry and Citrus Infused Eye Color for Beautiful Eyes and All-Day Wear

What is it?

Blendable and buildable eye color, Araza’s Long Wear Raspberry and Citrus Infused Eye Color glides on lids smooth and effortless, creating stunning color that enhances natural beauty and lasts until the day is done. Orange Peel is nutrient packed with vitamins and minerals, Raspberry fights free radicals, tones skin and soothes irritation. Certified Organic Jojoba locks in moisture and aids in reducing puffiness around the delicate eye area, keeping lids healthy and diminishing the look of aging.

How do I Use it?

Araza’s Eyecolor blends easily onto lids with the use of our Expert Eye Brush. Layer multiple colors to add depth and dimension. Mix and match base/highlighter shades with contour shades to create a look that makes eyes pop.


What is inside??



Orange Peel Wax

Anti-microbial, vitamin and mineral rich, provides protective barrier to skin

Broccoli Seed Oil

Boosts collagen production and cell turnover rate, packed with Vitamin A

Non- Nano Zinc Oxide

Natural sunscreen

Certified Organic Jojoba Oil

Lightweight w/ anti-inflammatory properties, has been know to treat acne and skin conditions


Finer version of mica, a natural mineral used for its light reflective properties


Absorbs oils, diffuses light, reduces pores & wrinkles

Certified Organic Lecithin (from soy)

Supplies Vitamin B, skin rebuilder and restorer

Certified Organic Coconut Oil Extract

Provides deep and real moisture, anti-oxidant

Comfrey-derived Allantoin

strong anti-inflammatory properties, promotes healing and skin regeneration

Certified Organic Raspberry Extract

fights free radicals, tones skin, soothes irritation

Natural Non-GMO Vitamin E

wrinkle fighting

Organic Castor Seed Oil

Anti-fungal, fights against skin infections and bacteria

Boron Nitride

Made from Boron, an essential plant nutrient, creates a soft focus look

Vegetable derived Magnesium Stearate

A chelated mineral, Magnesium (mineral), Stearate (a salt or ester of a plant based fatty acid), improves skin texture

All sample size eyecolors come in powder form. Full size eye colors are in pressed form. 

Full Size 2 grams

Sample Size .25 grams 

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