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The Skin Detox- Here’s What Happens When You Switch to Paleo Beauty Products

Have you ever done a cleanse or switched your diet to healthier, less processed foods? If so, you probably understand that your body goes through a bit of an unpleasant detoxing phase. The same can be true when you switch your beauty routine to using only certified organic and clean ingredient based products. When you use conventional toxin filled beauty products your skin learns to adapt and protect itself.  Your skin is not flourishing, it’s surviving. Removing those chemically loaded products allows your skin to heal itself. You may experience a bit of an adjustment phase. This could come in the form of localized breakouts as your skin purges toxins from conventional beauty products, or you may experience your skin...

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How to Know if your Beauty Products are Safe.

The Beauty Industry can be a tough one to navigate through. With a lot of  jargon and different marketing schemes, it is hard to figure out if a product is truly what it claims to be. Below you will find 4 tips that you can follow to make healthier and smarter beauty buying decisions. 1: Beware of marketing schemes and terms that lead you to believe a product is natural and good for you or the environment Terms are thrown around loosely in marketing to convey a false sense to the customer that they are putting healthy ingredients on their skin. A product labeled as natural doesn’t necessarily mean that it is. Ingredient labels and packaging should be carefully read,...

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Why Conventional Makeup Is Bad For Your Skin & Health

It's no news that conventional makeup is bad for your skin and health! Armed with knowledge, you can make the best buying decisions possible when it comes to your beauty products. Before we start to dig in, it’s important for you to have some background on how the beauty industry works. The beauty industry is one of the most unregulated industries. According to the FDA’s website, the “FDA does not approve cosmetics.” They go on to state that it is the “responsibility of cosmetic manufacturers to ensure that the products are safe when used as directed on their label or under customary conditions of use.” With no approvals needed before a cosmetic enters the market and with no one really looking...

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Thank You Mom- A Post About Motherhood

By Jenna Andrews What more of a perfect time could there be to take a moment to talk about my personal journey through motherhood and what it means to me with mothers day fast approaching! After coming across this quote, “Being a mother is not about what you gave up to have a child- but about what you gained by having a child- Author unknown”, it resonated with me and got me thinking about how blessed I am to be a mom. No one ever said being a mom was easy and that's for good reason, but I can assure you it is hands down the most rewarding gift that any woman can be given. I’m a fairly new mom....

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How I Learned to Live Healthy - A story about living with Celiac and Microscopic Colitis

By Jennifer Lindberg Well, I must admit that I reluctantly walked down the road to health and wellness.  I was diagnosed with Celiac in 2005 and immediately quit eating the “un-fab four” grains: wheat, rye, barley and oats.  My skin rashes cleared up, my once thinning hair became thicker and my skin looked better.  All was well in my book.  Let’s keep the party going.  Or so I thought.   Within a couple of years I felt sluggish, achy, suffered from anxiety and had horrible eczema on my hands and other various body parts. My hands were so bad at the time that I looked like I had leprosy.  I chalked it up to stress or a hard day’s work. ...

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