"Maybe it's NOT Maybelline... Maybe it's WAY BETTER 
Ladies, meet @ArazaBeauty. It's Paleo Foundation, @CertifiedPaleo by The Paleo Foundation, but that's not what's important. 
What's important is that its a coconut-based foundation devoid of all of the awful crap that's in your conventional makeup. Best of all, we tried it and we loved it!! I am sensitive to everything and I got no puff whatsoever. The finish was smooth, and even, with a perfect amount of coverage. "- The Paleo Foundation 

 "I was washing my face this morning and smiled because my skin is healing. Thank you so much for making this makeup. Its the best thing to happen to my skin." - Kylee, Washington

"ADORE THESE PRODUCTS!! Clean, natural, and high quality! I have been using the foundation and powder line for months now and it's awesome! Great coverage, color, and stays on during great workouts and hiking adventures. Thank you for such a wonderful and refreshing product!!"- BreAnna, Idaho

"Just tried the sample kit of this product and really enjoyed what this make-up offered. The lip gloss is smooth and not so sticky and stays on extremely well. The foundation is coconut based and spreads smoothly and evenly all over my face. My all time favorite product is the eye shadows. I like how fine they are and how well every color looks on my eye lids. Costumer service is a plus also. I got my sample kit 4 days after I ordered it. Very impressed. Can't wait to explore more products!!"- Jamie, USA

"I am blown away by these eyeshadows! They are so pigmented and easy to blend! As a makeup junkie, I've tried endless high end brands and araza beauty does it better. I can't put these shadows down especially the shade rose gold!"- Jenna, USA

"I was so happy to finally find a product that completely removed the redness from my face and didn't make me look like I had caked on a ton of makeup. It is so sheer and natural looking. I am getting so many compliments on my face! I also tried the beautiful eye shadow colors...I was stunned at how well they stay on and don't crease. I love the shimmery colors! They are so pretty and easy to blend!"- Laura, Montana

"This finishing powder feels and looks so great after applying it to my face. It really pulls the concealer and foundation together superbly and absorbs moisture on my face (from naturally oily skin). The best thing about this finishing powder is that it gives me a fresh look all day."- Jennifer, Washington

"Lindsey gave me some samples to try the cream makeup, I was surprised after a few days
how soft my skin was to the touch.  What really impressed me was a noticeable decrease in the visible pores on the nose and chin, something I have always struggled with.
There is also a decrease in clogged pores just after 4 days of using the make up."- Susan from Seattle, Washington