What is the Paleo Lifestyle?

Simply put, it’s an action plan that helps you live your best life! 

Optimal health comes from much more than just following a Paleo diet. To us, It involves living a Paleo lifestyle. The Paleo lifestyle is a way of living in our modern society that allows you to be your healthiest self and live up to your full potential. The truth is, our lifestyles have now outpaced our evolution making it harder to live a happy, healthy life. The Paleo Lifestyle offers several principles that will help combat this. The best part is, it's pretty basic and easy to follow. Our Paleo Lifestyle Principles include: 

  1. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of clean water
  2. Exercise; walk and move daily, lift weights,do yoga
  3. Nutrition; eat whole, unprocessed foods ; no gluten, grain, legumes, soy, refined sugar or dairy, No GMOs organic when we can= add paleo superfoods to get more bang for your buck(like coconut oil) 
  4. Sleep; 7-10 hours in a dark, quiet, cool place
  5. Mental Health; aim for positive thoughts and healthy stress management, adopt a mindfulness practice. This can come in many forms like yoga, meditation, breathing exercises. It is so helpful to start developing a practice in order to handle our fast pace lifestyles. 
  6. Sunlight; get 15 minutes every day
  7. Community; spend time connecting with friends and family and limit social media
  8. Challenge your brain; seek continual growth and personal development, be inventive, creative, aware, and responsible for your actions
  9. Slow your life down and make time to Play and have FUN
  10. Avoid/limit excess environmental toxins from food, water, chemicals, personal care products etc. (use Araza's Paleo Makeup instead of harmful conventional makeup:)) 

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