Let Us Help You Pick the Correct Color of Cream Foundation

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Step 1: Determine what your skin undertone is (cool, neutral or warm)

 Cool: You may have pink, bluish-red or ruddy cool undertones. You will tend to burn easily in the sun and tan minimally or not at all. You may tend to get flush cheeks easier. If you look on the underside of your wrist, your veins will appear blue to purple. You may also tend to look better wearing blues, pinks, reds and purples. You will choose from Foundation Colors 1- 6.75

Neutral: These skin tones have no obvious color of yellow/olive or pink/red. You tend to be able to wear different shades of foundation and easily find a match. You also tend to look great in many different colored clothing options. You will have a hard time deciphering  between blue or green vein color on the inside of your wrist. We recommend people with excessively red tones or rosacea to use our neutral tones as it tends to diminish the redness. You will choose from Foundation Colors 7-12.75

Warm: You will most likely have a yellow to olive color undertone. You tan easily and rarely burn. The veins on the inside of your wrist appear green. You tend to look better in warmer colors such as browns, yellow, orange, gold and copper. You will choose from Foundation Colors 13-19


Step 2: Now that you have narrowed it down to being either a cool, neutral or warm undertone, lets find the right shade for you (Light, Medium, Dark):


Light: Do you sunburn easily and then peel?

Cool: Co. 1, Co. 2
Neutral: Co. 7, Co. 8
Warm: Co. 13, Co. 13.5


Medium: Are you subject to a sunburn but it turns into a tan?

Cool: Co. 3, Co. 4
Neutral: Co. 9, Co. 10
Warm: Co. 14, Co. 15


Dark: Do you suntan easily and rarely burn?

Cool: Co. 5, Co. 6, Co. 6.5, Co. 6.75
Neutral: Co. 11, Co. 12, Co. 12.5, Co. 12.75
Warm: Co. 16, Co. 17, Co. 18, Co. 19


If you need help selecting the correct color email us at service@arazabeauty.com