Natural Sunshine Contouring Bronzer

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100% Natural and Certified Organic Ingredients

What is it?

A multi-tasking wonder; Araza’s Natural Sunshine Contouring Bronzer allows you to create luminous, depth and dimension or simply a sunkissed glow. Organic Neem, Raspberry, Pearl and Silk blend together to create a luxurious soft powder. 

How to use it?

For a sunkissed glow: Softly sweep a bit of bronzer on the top of your nose, upper forehead, chin and cheeks (all areas where the sun would naturally hit). Viola!... instant sunkissed glow without the harmful rays.

For Contouring: Araza’s Bronzer works perfectly for contouring and adding dimension to your face. The purpose of contouring is to shade particular areas on your face in order to make certain features stand out and minimize others. With practice you can visually change the shape of your face. To begin use Araza’s Bronzer or Blush Brush, take a dab of bronzer and shake off the excess into the container. Glaze the bronzer diagonally under cheekbones or parallel to your jawline (this will define cheekbones). Next sweep the bronzer on the sides of your nose. Make sure you start from the bridge of your nose and blend straight down. The goal is to make your nose appear thinner. Then place bronzer on your jawline and chin. Finally add bronzer to the depth of your temples and along your hairline.


Whats Inside??



Certified Organic Neem

Antibacterial, acne fighting

Non- Nano Zinc Oxide

Natural sun protection

Pure Pearl Powder

Enhances elasticity and luminosity, absorbs oil

Certified Organic Olive Extract

Anti-oxidant rich, slows aging process, enhances natural glow of skin

Certified Organic Raspberry Extract

Tones skin, soothes irritation

Pure Silk Powder

Provides a luxurious feel to skin, chalked full of skin repairing amino acids

Certified Organic Neem Oil

Antibacterial, acne fighting

Comfrey derived Allantoin

Strong anti-inflammatory properties, promotes healing and skin regeneration

Boron Nitride

Made from Boron, an essential plant nutrient, creates a soft focus look


A natural mineral used for its light reflective properties

Vegetable derived Magnesium Stearate

A chelated mineral, Magnesium (mineral), Stearate (a salt or ester of a plant based fatty acid), improves skin texture

Certified Organic Vegetable Starch from Potato

Provides a thick base to carry skin nourishing ingredients

Full Size 4 grams

Sample Size .5 grams


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