I’m Lindsey, Founder of Araza Natural Beauty.

want to change the way you view makeup and the impact makeup has on your health!

I started Araza Natural Beauty with the pure desire to get women using healthy beauty products, embrace their natural beauty AND live inspired, healthy and purposeful lives.   

As a personal trainer, health coach, and sufferer from Celiac Disease, I witnessed an astounding improvement in my own health and that of my clients, after a shift to eating whole foods that nourish and heal our bodies. Throughout my quest to support a healthy, holistic lifestyle with my clients, friends and family, I discovered that many of the beauty products I used were loaded with harmful chemicals, additives and fillers that I was trying to avoid.

Our skin is the largest organ of the human body and absorbs most everything that we put on it! Why would we take the time to eat healthy but not put healthy products on our skin? What we put ON our bodies is just as important as what we put IN our bodies.

I am so proud to bring you a makeup and skincare line that I believe in 100%. We craft our products with the most pure and certified organic ingredients we can find. I believe makeup should feed and nourish your skin and spirit, rather than poison your skin, cause acne and harm your precious health.

When you start using Araza Natural Beauty products it will completely change the way you view makeup. Your skin will start improving; it will become healthy. You will notice your complexion looking softer and radiating a warm glow. Your morning beauty routine will take less time with quick and easy applications.

I hope Araza inspires you to embrace your natural beauty, ignite your inner passions, and gives you the confidence to live your best life!

Heres to being the BEST YOU!