Citrus Hand + Surface Cleansing Spray

$ 7

On the go and don't have a place to wash your hands? No problem! Spritz a mist of this 70% organic and non-gmo alcohol based hand cleansing spray and stay germ free. We blended 3 simple ingredients, no nasties, to bring you a clean hand spray that works on surfaces too (phone, shopping carts, doorknobs, and other high touch areas)! Packaged in a 2oz reusable/recyclable glass bottle. 

Our Citrus Hand + Surface Cleansing Spray meets the standard recommendation set forth by the CDC to contain atleast 60% alcohol to be considered an effective hand sanitizer. 

Gluten/Grain Free | Organic Ingredients | Non GMO | Cruelty Free | Made In USA | Paraben Free | Vegan 

Our ingredients are packed with purpose:

70% Non-GMO/Organic Alcohol -sustainably sourced, alcohol is the active ingredient that works to kill germs

Water- helps to naturally dilute 

Citrus Essential Oil Blend- offers a refreshing citrus scent

Size: 2 oz./59.14ml

Directions: When applying to hands, spray a generous amount onto your palm and rub the product all over the areas of both hands until dry. When applying to a surface, spray on the desired area, let sit for a few, then wipe with a clean cloth.

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