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How I Learned to Live Healthy - A story about living with Celiac and Microscopic Colitis

By Jennifer Lindberg Well, I must admit that I reluctantly walked down the road to health and wellness.  I was diagnosed with Celiac in 2005 and immediately quit eating the “un-fab four” grains: wheat, rye, barley and oats.  My skin rashes cleared up, my once thinning hair became thicker and my skin looked better.  All was well in my book.  Let’s keep the party going.  Or so I thought.   Within a couple of years I felt sluggish, achy, suffered from anxiety and had horrible eczema on my hands and other various body parts. My hands were so bad at the time that I looked like I had leprosy.  I chalked it up to stress or a hard day’s work. ...

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Adding Coconut Oil To Your Beauty Routine

By Lindsey Diamond Coconut Oil has long been shunned as a health food due to its high content of saturated fatty acids. That is, until rather recently. Researchers, doctors and the likes of many health professionals are discovering the numerous benefits of the tropical fatty oil. Latest studies on 100% Natural Coconut Oil have shown it to be effective in promoting weight loss, reducing unhealthy cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of diabetes, boosting immunity, and preventing alzheimers. Coconut Oil has an unusually high amount of medium chain fatty acids which makes it difficult for our bodies to store as fat and easier to burn off than long chain fatty acids (think animal fat, dairy). Ofcourse, not all coconut oil is...

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The Way to Your Own Heart

By Kate Schjoneman Valentine’s Day is coming up and it is one of the most dreaded holidays for both men and women as many associate it with having (or not having) a significant other. But when did Valentine’s Day become about loving someone else? What if Valentine’s Day were advertised as the day where you gave yourself the gratitude and self-love that are most typically reserved for a significant other? I know most of us are thinking, “Alright, I can give myself chocolates? I like this idea already!” Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day has also evolved into a day where we shower others with candy, chocolate, stuffed animals, extravagant dinners, ornate jewelry and sparkly cards. So, the question is, how can you...

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9 Healthy Ways To Reduce Stress This Holiday Season.

    Well….tis the week of Thanksgiving. I have to say I am truly grateful this year for the many blessings that have come my way. Not to say it was an easy year, but one filled with growth, opportunity and huge personal challenge. The holidays are such a perfect time for reflecting, connecting and spending time with friends and family (at least the ones you like :)) but we all know that it is easy to get caught up with the hustle and bustle of the season. All of the holiday parties, Christmas shopping, family in town and people to entertain can quickly lead to stress and anxiety. I have compiled 9 tips that help me to not only...

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Welcome to Araza’s Official Blog! I am excited to have you here! My mission is to use this platform as a healthy lifestyle blog that shares advice, knowledge and fun ideas for real, hard-working, health-conscious women. Araza is more than organic makeup, it represents a lifestyle that promotes healthy-choices, nourishment and positivity of the mind, body and soul. On our blog we will feature myself, as well as guest writers from all walks of life and professional disciplines that share the same passion for helping women to be their best, healthy, fearless selves! Enjoy! Lindsey  Diamond Founder

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