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Thank You Mom- A Post About Motherhood

By Jenna Andrews

What more of a perfect time could there be to take a moment to talk about my personal journey through motherhood and what it means to me with mothers day fast approaching!

After coming across this quote, “Being a mother is not about what you gave up to have a child- but about what you gained by having a child- Author unknown”, it resonated with me and got me thinking about how blessed I am to be a mom.

No one ever said being a mom was easy and that's for good reason, but I can assure you it is hands down the most rewarding gift that any woman can be given. I’m a fairly new mom. I have a one and a half year old son and am expecting a baby girl in about 4 months. Despite my lack of experience in the mommy department I can tell you that the second you meet your child your entire life changes in a positive way. Trying to explain the love that mothers pour into their children is nearly impossible and hard to find the deserving words. For me personally, I never knew a love so deep could even exist. My son lights up my life and has made my heart full. To watch this little being that I carried learn how to walk, talk and explore is beyond gratifying.

Sure, some days are hard but for every challenging hour there are hundreds of rewarding, and completely fulfilling hours to offset the crummy ones. All it takes is a smile from my little one to erase the past ten minute temper tantrum. Motherhood is amazing like that- grudges don’t get held for that they are just a little person learning to communicate and voice their opinions.

When my son was 7 months old, I traded in long shifts as an RN to be a stay-at-home mom. Now I know not every mom wants to be a stay at home mom, nor does every mom have the opportunity to do so, but through trial and error our family has found that it is best for us if I stay home. Both my husband and I agree that our family functions much smoother and is overall much happier when I stay at home with our son full time.

Now this was quite the transition for myself. I’ve always taken pride in my education and career. Taking a step back and being completely honest with myself while seeing that my family did best while I wasn’t working- it was hard to swallow. At first I was reluctant and didn't want to give up my career but just like the quote above, I realized that once I made the decision to become a mom it wasn’t about what “I” want, instead its about what my family needs. Very quickly I realized that being a nurse transitioned quite seamlessly into being a stay at home mom. You are constantly caring for the patient/your child and the short breaks that do come along throughout the day often feel far too short. But I’ll tell you what, I wouldn't’ trade my life in for anything. I don’t regret giving up my career. I’m proud of my decision and feel so lucky that we are able to have me stay home. And how beautiful is that I get to pour all my water in to my own garden at home and watch daily miracles unfold themselves? I think that’s pretty incredible. I get to see all of my son’s major milestones with my own two eyes.

After reflecting on my own journey through motherhood I have a new found respect and admiration for all moms out there. I now understand my moms’ devotion to myself and have gained an entire new level of love for her after having my son. I truly tip my hat off to any mom, whether they stay-at-home or work full-time, they deserve a thank you. So take the opportunity with the holiday coming up and tell your mom that she is loved and appreciated for all that she does! I know I sure will!

*About the author, Jenna is an RN turned full-time mother, who believes in holistic nutrition and staying active with her husband and son.

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